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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Final Days in San Francisco before Departure #1

It's been three days of full entertainment, outdoor activities, soccer/football/futbol, meetings, and learning entrepreneurial lessons and new ideas.

Day #1

Calisthenics and Outdoor exercises with Andres and Andrew @ Fort Mason, Marina:

Andres' Flag
Richard's getting ready :)
Andrew's getting serious!

It was awesome to do something different outdoors besides running. I tried doing the flag that Andres was teaching me and I almost made it. I will make it next time buddy :)

Day #2

Yesterday I went to play football at the new SFSU soccer pitch with some friends after the working out day with Andres and Andrew. I cannot lie that I was sore from last day but still wanted to go there and play futbol after my last time playing in Cal Poly.


Playing football is making love with life... as a mentioned in my Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. There's nothing compared to that feeling of excitement and adrenaline, that sensation of organizing a team, shooting a ball, and scoring a goal. Nothing can be compared.

I hope to keep playing and getting my rhythm back before I leave to my study abroad in Hong Kong. Guys, let me know if some of you want to join and play at SFSU. Leave a comment here or hit me up in Facebook :)


Day #3

Esta maƱana fue bien emocionante. I went to Imagine Creative Centre and met up with Didac Lee, Founder of Inspirit and FC Barcelona board member and new technologies executive.

Didac and Richard
Didac is a very sharp guy, knowledgeable about entrepreneurship, friendly, interested in talking with people, and most importantly, interested in helping them. Although he was around San Francisco for business meetings, I hope he got a chance to enjoy the city a little bit. Thanks for meeting up and introducing me to the Imagine CC friends. Excellent and clever group! Hope you have a safe travel back home :)


Today at Imagine CC Jean Claude Rodriguez, founder of, gave a talk about what Puddle is and answered some questions the "Dreamers" had. I joined this presentation and got really interested in this new idea right away. Puddle is a really interesting new way of banking, investing, lending, borrowing, and new business model from my point of view. I believe it will keep raising up with the years to come.

Jean Claude Rodriguez

Until next time!

Adeu :)


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