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Richard is a marathoner, photographer, and blogger who grew up in a beautiful country in South America called Venezuela. After finishing high school, he decided that the best option to keep on growing personally as well as mentally was to move to an amazing place in the West Coast of the United States called San Francisco, California.
In San Francisco, Richard started pursuing higher education at City College of San Francisco, where he graduated with honors. The next step in Richard's life was transferring to San Francisco State University, a place in which he enjoyed and learned a great variety of business models, ideas, and concepts from his teammates and professors. However, Richard, eager and curious as he is, felt the necessity to experience a new life and culture and keep on discovering and exploring new fields and ideas. With this in his mind, Richard decided to go on a one-year study abroad experience in the fast-paced, cosmopolitan, and world's financial centre, Hong Kong.
In Hong Kong, Richard has successfully worked with international students from all over the world and has learned that having a diversity of cultures in a team is one of the best approaches when doing business.
While in Hong Kong, Richard has been constantly blogging about his experience while studying abroad at City University of Hong Kong, as well as traveling, bonding with new friends, and exploring different places in Asia.
Richard enjoys running and has successfully finished four marathons including The San Francisco Marathon, California International Marathon, The Oakland Marathon, and The Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon.
Richard is fluent in written and spoken English and Spanish, and conversational Cantonese.

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