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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Lands End Trail

Location: Lands End, San Francisco, CA

Ever since I went to Lands End Trail for the first time some years ago, it has definitely been one of my favorite places in San Francisco. It has basically everything for a relaxing day - a simple hiking trail, friendly people and doggies, and a gorgeous view throughout the entire trail.

Now that I have started a full time job, I rarely get the time to hang out in the city. However, Patrick and I hung out and hiked Lands End during Saturday. It is always nice to have a good friend while hiking during weekends. We spent time taking photos and talking while hiking. Patrick brought his mirror-less camera while I used my Polaroid. Below are some of the great photos that Patrick took.

Fun fact: we took a different trail on our way back and got lost with other four guys for about 30 minutes :) (Photos below)

Until next time!

Adeu :)


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